Global Health & Beauty Center!

Located in Mogok-dong, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, our R&D Center is the "heart of C&TECH Korea," which creates innovative products that will impress consumers around the world.

History of R&D Center


2018.08 Expansion and relocation to Pyeongtaek2 Factory.


2017.09 Registered six MG:gel items to US FDA as NDC cosmetics.


2016. 06 World's first development of 4th generation mask MG:gel.


2015. 04 Reorganized R&D Center which expanded and elevated.

2015. 08 Development of Soluble Micro Needle Patch using Hyaluronic Acid.


2013. 03 Succeeded in patch development using CO2 reaction.


2012.02 Moved to the R&D Center in Pyeongtaek1 Factory.


2009.08 Established C&Tech R&D Center.

Research Organization


Skin Care Research Team

Based on various solubilization technology and emulsification technology, we are developing all skin care categories from ordinary sheet masks to lotion, cream, essence, etc. and we are trying to provide our customers with a wide range of products that adjust their functional sense of use and absorption. We are developing products with high skin affinity by combining micro emulsion technology and gel network emulsification technology to stabilize active ingredients.

Hair&Body Research Team

This team researches and develops all parts except the face. We have developed products that can be used for the whole body or parts of the body, including hair colors, various hair care, hair&body cleansing products, and cleansing tissues, and provide customized prescriptions to meet customer needs.

Innovative Formula Research Team

We are developing and upgrading to more effectively show the efficacy of special formulas that are “attached”, “detached”, “stabbed” and “put in”, rather than conventional method cosmetics that are “applied” and “absorbed”. We are focusing on research on innovative formulations using new technologies such as micro needles using MEMS(micro precision device technology) and cataplasma of DDR technology, and convergence technology. The 4th generation mask MG:gel is a sensation in the global market due to its excellent moisturizing and adhesion.

Law&Regulation Research Team

We can effectively respond to product quality standards and requirements for various regulations by grasping domestic and overseas permits, country-specific laws and customer black lists.

Safety Research Team

For globalization of products, we conduct research on microorganisms and challenge tests according to country regulations to improve the safety and stability of products.

Eco-friendly Research Team

We are actively working to protect the global environment and apply eco-friendly materials to cosmetics that are more beneficial to people and nature. We are developing biodegradable non-woven fabrics and films, researching eco-friendly, recycling and biodegradable packaging materials and aiming to commercialize them in the near future. We also conduct research on Vegan, EWG Green, EcoCert, LOHAS, organic, preservative-free, and hypoallergenic cosmetics.

Quality Innovation Research Team

In order to maintain the best quality, we are making efforts to find and prevent problems in the whole process from manufacturing to shipping, and to improve them for continuous management.